The Act of Life

    If people have secrets, do you know who they really are?

    Identity is a sense of self and a sense of who we are. The existential novel “Rituals” by Cees Nooteboom nudged me to create artworks based on the vast concept of identity.


    These screen prints represent the unknown identity of each individual. Identity is usually classified as social or personal, but we almost always overlook our unknown or hidden identity.

    The caps are symbolic of the cognitive concept of “self “, one that we unknowingly conceal. The question marks on the bottom delineate the uncertainty of personalities. Human beings are deceptive creatures, two-faced would be an understatement as we adapt our ever-changing nature based on our surrounding and social environment.

    The setting of the novel “Rituals” takes place in Amsterdam, in my opinion it is symbolic as it represents the City of Freedom. Which further makes me believe that identities are dynamically constructed in context, as long as it conceptualizes the freedom on oneself. At the end of the day, we’re all just actors waiting to be cast in the act of life.

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