Custom Art Studio

Get a one of a kind painting customized based on your interiors, taste and specifications – a perfect fit for your space!

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    The pricing of a painting depends on variable factors such as the number of hours put into the work, cost of materials, size of painting, type of medium etc.

    If its convenient you can get it picked up from the studio located in Bangalore, India. I also provide delivery within Bangalore, and will be using courier services for other locations.

    Once I have all the necessary details and requirements of the painting I will be able to give you an expected date of completion. The above would vary upon the size and intricacy of the work.

    While providing the quotation you will definitely get a break up of the costs which would include – cost of painting, transportation / delivery charges, framing cost and packaging cost (where ever applicable).

    I am very versatile with my mediums and techniques and I will suggest the appropriate medium based on each individual requirement. If you have certain expectations, those can be looked at and met as well.

    I usually paint on a framed canvas. If any fancy framing is required, it can be provided based on cost and preference. In case of overseas orders, only a rolled painting can be sent.

    Once the actual quotation is sent, a period of 5 days is provided to confirm and transfer the advance amount (50% of the total cost). After which your project will be taken up.

    I will be providing you with a rough sketch along with the quotation, which gives you a period of 5 days to confirm. Any changes based on the sketch will be taken up within these 5 days.