"To promote your child’s unique expression and discover the joy of art"

Strokes and Hues is a lakeside studio , surrounded by lots of birds and greenery. The studio offers two types of classes to suit each child’s individual nature. Catering to the age group of 6 to 13 years.


Weekly classes designed to help each child to cultivate themselves towards gaining a thorough understanding in art. From learning about colours or various brush skills to painting on large canvases. This is a gradual process that would help ensure each child to acquire the necessary skills to create their own masterpiece.


An exquisite opportunity for your little artist to delve into their imagination and create anything they want – from a clock or table to even their own product. These are a few of the many things one can look forward to – Decoupage, Bottle Art, Wood work, POP products, Wall Decor, Cement Artifact, Spray Painting, Fridge Magnets, Key chains & much more.

arE you ready to tap into your creativity?